Welcome to Mystical Mehndi! I am a professional henna artist, based in the Burlington, Vermont area. I have been creating gorgeous mehndi for many years now and would like to share my love of henna with you. I draw my inspiration from cultures around the globe, creating body art of many styles, all highly unique and exquisitely sketched.

Wanting an exotic mehndi design to compliment your look?
Planning a special party and would like a henna artist there?

Thinking of the perfect relaxing gift for someone special?

I am thrilled to help you with all of these! I will work with you to make your mehndi design perfectly suited to your personality or event.

My henna is homemade and patiently drawn, meaning that your personalized artistic creation is entirely natural and completely beautiful.
Please explore my site for more information on henna and how to contact me for your own lovely mehndi body art!

Have a marvelous day!
Shanti ra shakti,
Mystical Mehndi

Bridal Tree

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